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  • What's This Tapping All About?

    And How Does it Help Me and/or Our Kids?

    EFT Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms


    From the Tapping Solution Foundation

    The Basics on "How to Tap"

    Nick Ortner, CEO, The Tapping Solution

    EFT Tapping for Teachers

    Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Solution

    EFT Tapping for Teachers

    Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Solution

    Tapping for Kids, on Fear

    EFT with Brad Yates

  • Benefits of EFT Tapping

    From the View Point of Experienced EFT Practitioners

    To release stress/ nervousness during exam time, helps with stuck beliefs about learning, helps with confidence issues, teacher relationship issues. I wish I had EFT when I was at school - it would have been the gateway to a happier and more confident me!

    - Louise French


    To build resilience in younger people so they can work through their problems & not resort to drink drugs self harm etc. The possibilities are really endless

    - Gayatri Monani


    Expectation management, managing pressure, clear mind to focus and absorb information, better behavior therefore whole class benefits, confidence to ask, bullying emotional management, dealing with disappointment and maintaining clear head, friendship issues, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, dealing with unfairness, desire to attend school, teacher stress and impact on kids, slow learners thinking they are stupid, opportunities believed achievable. .... I could go on for ages 😊. Everything that one person takes for granted is something that is causing distress in another

    - Rhonda Karen

    Conflict resolution, test anxiety, focus exercise like at the beginning of the day

    - Alina Frank


    Relaxed calm children, focus, collaboration, stress management - the list is endless. Children respond really well to EFT too as they haven't built up all the negative perceptions that come with getting older and more jaded

    - Gina Bastiani

    Helping children to develop a very high emotional intelligence for starters,to help them focus,and concentrate in class would be another,especially for learning faster.there are so many benefits i believe,one thing is definitely a huge benefit,is helping the young kids earlier when they become subjected to a trauma of some degree,we all know the consequences of traumas,and how long traumas could last if early intervention is not addressed soon enough to these issues.

    - Anthony Holland


    Reduction in bullying...finding learning in life to be exciting and feel safe...

    Craig Weiner DC


    Happier less stressed students

    - Myrette El-Sokkari


    The benefits of introducing EFT to schools are vast. 'Tapping in the classroom' brings students/children together, makes them instantly feel part of a group, helps children to learn the importance of being kinder to one another, helps to reduce stress, anxiety, exam/test nerves, bullying, reduces low self esteem, helps with self image/body confidence,School phobia and fears around starting a new school, sports performance, to feel better if things are not good at home. If every child in every school learned EFT they would constantly be able to clear the burden of emotions that are piled onto them daily, they have a tool that is instant and productive in reducing the stress that sadly occurs on a daily basis, also the teachers are less stressed and more productive in their teaching and much stronger bonds are made within the classes, helping students to feel safer and calmer within the school environment. I am on a mission to get my books Energy EFT For Teenagers, available on Amazon and Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie into schools in the UK. (Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie will be available on Amazon within the next few weeks).

    - Paula Kennedy

    Some Case Studies

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